The Most Re-Tweeted Photograph Ever

I couldn't help get caught up in the star gazing of the Oscars. It seems I wasn't alone, as this selfie by Ellen DeGeneres captured the imagination of millions and has now become the most retweeted image of all time. ..


Stop Selling Yourself Short

Let's start with a few trueisms: - there is no quick way to make a buck, - there are no secrets to social media - and, as business owners we can't be good at everything. ..


Flash in the pan

In case you didn't know already, the use of Flash technology for websites is as good as gone. Not so long ago, websites utilising Flash were once seen as cutting edge, but alas are now highlighting themselves to be out of date.  ..


Angry Birds Now Chewable

If you are an Angry Birds fan it may shock you to know that they have "sold out" and are now being used to promote Anti-flatulence. The ads are for Gastrovet Antiacid - Antiflatulent, 20 chewable tablets, For Oral Consumption (what else would it be for if not oral...I don't think I want to know and I'm going to resist fart jokes and puns about giving you the s*#ts). ..


The greatest movie and TED talk ever made

You may remember Morgan Spurlock as the person who almost ate himself to death in his critique on fast food Supersize Me. Eating only McDonald's for 30 days straight, Spurlock went into a shocking physical and emotional decline, showing via his own body the truth about junk food. His latest film, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, dives into the mysterious world of brand sponsorship, a major influence on how pop culture is developed and shared. Almost totally sponsored itself, the film was the first to be sold at Sundance 2011, and, it's said, made a profit before it even opened. Now that's impressive. ..


Social Media Afternoon Delight

I have never tried Lacta chocolate or been to Greece before but the Lacta ‘love @ first site’ social media marketing campaign I came across this afternoon certainly has me intrigued.

There is a lot of hype about Social Media as a marketing tool for building brand awareness these days but there also seems to be a lot of people still unsure as to how to cash in on social media. ..