Rebranding Rubbish

No one likes it when the environment is trashed. Which is why the Minister for the Environment, three mayors, a  Director from The NSW Environment Protection Authority as well as the State Minister for Strathfield, the press and a host of local and state dignitaries got together to talk rubbish.  ..


Putting Lipstick On A Pig

I smile every time I use the expression "Putting lipstick on a pig". The idea of making a swine more attractive by simply slapping on some makeup tickles my funny bone. It is laughable and yet, how often do you see businesses using the same strategy? ..


Giving Stuff Away For Free

As a general rule I do not condone giving your talent or your ideas away for free BUT...(Important mental note: the word 'but', effectively means 'disregard everything I said before I used the word but because this is what I really want to say...') giving away free stuff can be one of the smartest business decisions you ever make - just ask the team from Monty Python. ..


Inspiration - Pass it on

Any creative business, (in fact any business) needs inspiration. It may be inspiration to motivate yourself, or inspiration to re-engage your team, or perhaps inspiration to push your business through to the next level. Whatever the goal, Inspiration is the fuel that feeds the flames of progress and energises the soul. ..


Stop Selling Yourself Short

Let's start with a few trueisms: - there is no quick way to make a buck, - there are no secrets to social media - and, as business owners we can't be good at everything. ..


The Art of A Quiet Business Revolution

I read with interest an article in the Sydney Morning Herald a few weeks ago about how Roger Federer is a champion in more ways than one. It seems Federer has been instrumental in changing the 'superb brat' image of professional tennis to one of humility and sportsmanship. ..



Bellriver Presentation FolderThe brief said: "Must take us to another level" "a presentation folder that creates a sense of expectation - a sense of something special to come"  -  So no pressure there.  ..


Profit Is Not Always The Point

I'm sure if a brand specialist said "profit is not always the point" - the majority of business owners would nod their head knowingly and think "well that's crap!'. However what if the COO of one of the worlds largest companies had said it?  ..


'Customers' Return To Business

Some on-the-spot research with Google n-gram (what a great business tool) reveals how the people of the world have changed the way they see themselves. It seems since 2008 people see themselves more as 'customers' than 'consumers', But this has not always been the case. ..


Do It Yourself and Work Harder

How often do you experience the notion that by doing it yourself you will save money, save time and be more efficient. In reality, the opposite is true. This belief/practice is a recipe for mediocrity.  ..