More Than A Pretty Face

Typography refers to the arrangement of text on a page, and appears in some form or another in all instances of written communication. 

Depending on the purpose, typography can be used for optimum readability, impact, or an artistic statement. Some designers work totally in text, and study typography extensively while they perfect their art. Quality typography can make a big difference in communications, because it can impact the way the reader sees and feels about the topic being discussed. 

At the most basic, typography is a combination of font, size, spacing, and color. However, typography can also be elevated into an art form as seen in the creations of Jessica Hische – designer, illustrator and letterer extraordinaire. Best known for her personal project Daily Drop Cap, Jessica and her work have been featured in many publications. She's traveled the world speaking about lettering and illustration and says she's probably consumed enough coffee to power a small nation! 

Enjoy some of her inspiring work...



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