5 Good Reasons Not To Rebrand

It's a common mistake to think of Rebranding as changing your logo. 

This is not always the case. In fact the Rebranding process for your business may involve a rejuvenation of the brand through improved application of it's identity, key positioning and advertising messages and visual fabric - without ever touching the logo. 

While creating a business or product name and logo may be one of the first considerations in a branding process, it is often the last strategy in a rebranding process

Good reason not to Rebrand No 1

"Our sales team are embarrassed by our collateral / website"
Lack of consistency throughout your sales or corporate communications can be remedied efficiently and effectively without investing in rebranding. (We'll show you how)

Good reason not to Rebrand No 2

" No-one understands what we do".
This can signal that rebranding work is necessary, however there are also other ways we can address this issue. For instance; developing a strong positioning strategy can often bring clarity to a product or service without the need for a larger scale rebranding effort. 

Good reason not to Rebrand No 3

"Our brand image isn't current".
This is probably a good indication that rebranding may be necessary, however it may not require a complete redesign. Often a brand evolution will invigorate the brand without losing the loyalty and positive perceptions of the current brand (brand equity).  

Good reason not to Rebrand No 4

"We're Moving".
Often businesses feel that because they have to reprint their corporate collateral, that this is a good time to "Freshen up" their brand. If you have been maintaining your brand, the act of moving by itself is not a good reason to rebrand. Commonly though, if you are feeling that the brand needs to be "freshened up" there will be some more fundamental reason sitting in the background. This is an ideal opportunity to speak with us and drill a little deeper.

Good reason not to Rebrand No 5

"I'm tired of the old logo, I want a change".
There are many ways to reinvigorate a brand without throwing the baby out with the bath water. We always look to retain the elements that continue to work well. Perhaps all your brand needs is a fresh pair of eyes.