Brand Blueprinting

To create a better brand, you need a better process or system. Brand Blueprinting is our name for the strategic process we use to take the guesswork out of logo, identity and brand creation.

The essence of this strategic innovation is the simple understanding that all good brand work, or any design work for that matter, starts with a blueprint. A plan. 

By developing an accurate blueprint of a business or service we create the template that leads us inevitably to the final result. And that result can be virtually any design endeavour - a strategy, name, positioning, identity, brand or even a brochure.

The Brand Blueprint 

  • Creative processes that deliver objective rather than subjective results.
  • Briefing and design blueprinting that deliver strategic design outcomes.
  • Naming and positioning strategies that differentiate businesses and create a solid brand platform.
  • Professional business operating protocols and ethics that deliver an improved professional standing, 
  • higher quality design outcomes,  and long term Industry benefits to both designers and their clients.